Employee engagement is a measure of the emotional and intellectual attachment an employee has to the organisation.  Engaged employees are motivated and deliver their best.    Engagement is [...]

Team Meetings

There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don’t look even [...]

Goal Setting

All organisations should have 90 day written goals, developed by your team, in a consultative session. In this way the goals provides employee focus and it increases motivation. The process of [...]


Innovation produces real competitive advantage Innovation is the real purpose of mankind. Buckmister Fuller called it anti entropy. He said that the universe is in slow decay, with energy and [...]


Succession Planning How are you going to release the value you have created in your own business? Selling? Do you realise less than one third of Australian small businesses are in a saleable [...]


Differentiation has to be an intentional game plan- as it affects the naming, branding, marketing and the DNA of your business. If your business is designed to please your target audience… [...]

Irresistable Offers

Irresistible Offers Direct Marketing has at its core a philosophy of understanding customer needs and satisfying them, more completely and more efficiently than the competition, usually with a [...]

Visible Value

Visible Value is our philosophy of headlining your differentiation… So people “get it” instantly Ideally visible value shows up in your branding, your name, slogan and logo. At [...]

Profit Dynamics

Profit Dynamics While the objective of break even calculations is to determine how many units or dollars worth of product need to be sold to cover all costs, the objective of target volume [...]

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