Irresistible Offers

Direct Marketing has at its core a philosophy of understanding customer needs and satisfying them, more completely and more efficiently than the competition, usually with a irresistible offer, delivered direct to the ideal target customer.

An irresistible offer is more than one upmanship. It’s about tapping an emotional trigger that the customer has. Understanding what keeps these customers up at night… and what do they desire, more than anything. Irresistible offers are crafted by out direct response wordsmiths, in the way a surgeon plans a delicate procedure. The right words in the right way, delivered in the right medium and the right time.

The Direct Marketing we’re talking about is measurable. You can quantify the business that’s come in the door as the result of a campaign. Direct Response Marketing by Per4max is that and more. It delivers accountable, predictable cost effective growth.

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