The Evolution of Business

Natural Growth Cycle
If your business can’t operate without you… you don’t have a real business.

A natural progression to autonomy is the desirable outcome. A business you can leave to run itself, while you spend 6 months in France. Makes sense… but how many off us could actually do that and come back to a business that has continued to operate profitably, or actually grown in those 6 months?
If you’re not grooming your business to evolve, you’re missing the big picture.

The way business should be

Private companies today are changing. There is a shift occurring in the minds of business owners.
They want to evolve to collaborative, community building, holistic success, not just financial success.
This is in tune with the world wide acceptance of climate change. We just can’t continue our decimation of the earth’s air and water. What we’re going to see is a fundamental mind shift to holistic responsibility and caring attitude for others that will permeate aspects of business and business structures for the decades ahead.

Introducing w3 businesses

W3 businesses promote win win win outcomes
W3 businesses are ecological, people focused, community invested

Per4max is a W3 partner and wants to align itself with these values of ecological, community focused business evolution.

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