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As a brand architect with Nuvo Creative, Russel Nouveau is following in his father’s footsteps – in a fashion. “Dad was an eye surgeon and I think that in a way, what I do helps people to sharpen their vision as well”, says Russel who classes himself as “a blue collar worker in the art world”. Russel began his corporate image consultancy after changing tack from a career in architectural design. During the first few years of starting up he also accomplished a fairly lengthy stint as an academic which culminated in a Bachelor of Design Studies, Master of Business Communication, writing a weighty thesis on the semiotics of visual persuasion and oh yes, a Mensa membership.

To say that this home grown genius is driven, would be a bit of an understatement – but his real passion is to help business people succeed and prosper. “We help business stakeholders refocus and unlock their business potential through value creation. This involves finding the correct branding image, marketing messages, logo design, positioning and advertising, basically a total overhaul – the results for our clients have been reflected in their bottom line”. Russel wants to “help people to be inspired, more aware business people and re-ignite their passion for their business by finding it a true identity that delivers more to the marketplace.”

Russel Nouveau has written various books on slogans, design, thinking and innovation. Most of these focus on unlocking creative thinking and building a richer lifestyle.

Brand Architect at NUVO Creative

Russel is a brand architect and lead designer at Nuvo Creative. Today his core business is about Brand Empowerment- involving name, slogan, & logo design plus the preparation of stationery designs, brochures, marketing collateral, web sites, multimedia and advertising design.

‘We design world class brands and websites’ complete visual make-overs for existing organisations… or fresh contemporary brands for startup organisations ‘ from one man businesses to international companies.


Invention, Creativity & Writing

Russel has 30 plus inventions, 100 plus trademarks and has written several books. With a solid grounding in creativity training from Architecture school, he’s been fascinated with design, thinking and creativity since his childhood.

An avid reader at university and ever since, Russel has collected an extensive library of personal development works.

Russel delivers public seminars and workshops on value creation, creativity and marketing.

Country Beginnings

He was born in Ayr, North Queensland and spent his formative years in Townsville and Ayr before moving to Brisbane to undertake University studies. After 6 years of studying Architecture at the University of Queensland Russel worked for Architectural and Engineering firms.

Russel partnered with fellow graduates to form one of Brisbane’s first multidiscipline design offices with Architectural and Graphic Design competencies. He also designed and project managed renovations to 50 properties and performed 30 major commercial fitouts in Brisbane’s CBD. He has a solid understanding of property development, refurbishment and value creation. After further study, Russel graduated with a Masters in Business (Communications) and refocussed on corporate rejuvenation and business turnarounds. Since then he’s worked with businesses of all sizes from start ups to Billion dollar sales.


  • Bachelor of Design Studies (Queensland University)
  • Master of Business, Communication (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Workshop in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, also
  • Certificate in Direct Marketing (ADMA)
  • Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Russel is a certified NLP practitioner, using these skills to coach clients for maximum performance.

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