Succession Planning

How are you going to release the value you have created in your own business?


Do you realise less than one third of Australian small businesses are in a saleable form?

Do you have several years of consistent profits?
Do you have staff who are able to run the business, without you?
Do you have systems and procedures in place to train new staff and maintain productivity?
Have you the necessary trademarks and legal protection for any trading names you operate with?

All these factors influence the saleability of your business.

Family will take over?

Will they know how to run it? Or will they run it into the ground?

Buy Sell Agreements or management buyout?

This may be a preferred course of action as it keeps essential team members in place at time of succession, maintaining the value of the business as much as possible.

Are you risking financial disaster for your loved ones?
If you are without life insurance and a succession plan, your family or partner may receive nothing in the event of your death or total incapacity from a stroke, heart attack or accident.

The sad fact is that many business owners have not provided for the involuntary exit from their business. Worse still, because they fail to plan a business sale that will maximise their financial position – they risk destroying it.

But I have super

Super is not enough to cover the portfolio mortgages most businesses owners have.
We protect you from financial disaster, and position you for a profitable exit from your business- learn how.

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