All organisations should have 90 day written goals, developed by your team, in a consultative session.
In this way the goals provides employee focus and it increases motivation. The process of setting these goals as a team is important as it lays the foundation of ownship by certain team members, who feel they have created the goal themselves. Team member enagement with goals is the key to buy in and will make a huge difference to the outcomes.
Instead of aiming for general profitability, employees can work to improve individual metrics they have more control over. Like how many widgets they make. Or the turn around time to complete a task.

Team goals improves group cohesion
Employees of all levels work together as a whole to reach goals. This team effort can improve group cohesion and collaboration,
especially when managers reward certain milestones along the way.

Goals increases employee selfworth
Goals can be real morale improvers, and boosts employee buy-in for the project and the business as a whole.
It tells them their input is valued and important, thus giving them a sense of ownership.

SMART goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

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