Innovation produces real competitive advantage

Innovation is the real purpose of mankind. Buckmister Fuller called it anti entropy. He said that the universe is in slow decay, with energy and resources becoming less available. Humans have a role to play, in doing more with ever less, to balance our the entropy around us.

That’s where our innovation consulting comes in. Let’s say you’re in a competitive industry, with each player doing the same thing, the same way, and producing the same level of customer satisfaction. Innovation can disrupt this level playing field, giving you the advantage in marketing and sales.

Edgecraft is a great start

Innovation doesn’t have to be radical innovation to have a radical effect. Seth Godin calls slight innovation “edgecraft”. It’s enough to get customers raving about your business, attracting a larger audience and growing your business.

Fresh paradigm
Real innovation creates a paradigm shift that changes the ball game completely. Examples include the Internet and the iPhone. Maybe there’s a paradigm shift in your niche market that we can facilitate for you.

Is your business growing or dying
Business growth is a health indicator. If you’re not growing, you’re slipping behind. Put innovation to work for your small business. See the positive growth effects of improving your products, services or delivery.

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